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Naked Knees
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Live show progects

Post by Naked Knees » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:03 am

Appreciate thoughts on how users separate long projects into individual songs. I’m recording our 4-piece group’s shows (12 tracks) into one long project. I’m splitting-all regions between songs,...know how to multi select regions, do I get the selected regions into another separate project to allow mixing etc of individual songs?

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Re: Live show progects

Post by wigglelights » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:24 am

One idea would be to export stems; set the markers around each region, go to File/Mixdown, give the set a meaning ful name “song 1”, check the locator box, File Type Stems, hit ok. You’ll end up with a folder with 12 tracks in each.
Open a new project and import the 12 tracks.

A couple of notes on this process -
If you have any channel strip tweaks or fx I believe this will get printed to the stems.
Storage - each stem folder will eat up space, and when the new projects are created those stems will be copied into the project folder (so once the project has the files imported you can delete the stems folder).

A drawback to this is you’ll have to recreated your processing for each song project. (I.e getting the kick drum compression and eq the same for each project.
Perhaps you might consider leaving it as one big file and using automation to tweak each song. The. Use the above mentioned mix down technique and select Wave instead of stems.

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