Auria Pro stops sending Midi clock after 15s in background

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Auria Pro stops sending Midi clock after 15s in background

Post by Richtowns » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:03 pm

Hi Rim/ forum wiz kids,

Im trying to sync midilfos with auriapros clock. It all seems to work ok but then after 15 seconds the clock seems to stop! I have auria pro in background when it happens but background audio is enabled. Does background audio enable background midi clock? Is there another setting to make clock sync sleep?

Ive tried midiflow to get more info and the same happens, after pressing play in auria pro and then putting it in background, midiflow will see clock info from auriapro for about 15 seconds and then it stops seeing anything sent. Switching auria pro to foreground doesnt change anything but pressing stop then play will start the clock being sent again.

Im running latest Auria Pro with ios 10.1.1 on a air 2

Thanks for a great product, hope this is an easy thing to explain/fix.

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