help! having trouble using midi edit commands in piano roll

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help! having trouble using midi edit commands in piano roll

Post by LeesKeys » Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:09 pm

I'm having trouble using most of the Draw Mode midi editing commands. I can Add Note by tapping an empty spot on the piano roll. I can select a group of notes by drawing a line horizontally to highlight the desired notes.

Other commands are not working:
1. Selecting a single note- Tap and quickly let go to select a note. Nothing happens. The perimeter around the note does not highlight.
2. Delete note–Long tap an existing note does nothing
3. Move note–Tap and slide notes in any direction. Tapping and sliding note does not move it, and does not select the note.
4. Duration–Slide a note’s right edge to change its length. Does nothing

I am in Draw Mode, Notes selected from the dropdown menu. It doesn't matter whether I use my finger or the Apple pencil, I get the same results, or lack there of. CPU usage is 15%. I'm using an iPad Pro, series 1. I'm using IOS 13.2.2
Apple pencil is working flawlessly in other apps such as Nanostudio 2 and ForScore.

I should also mention that when midi editing is not working correctly, pressing the green arrow (play) does nothing?

Hopefully I've missed something very obvious. This is very frustrating. Any ideas?

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