Lost Access to Auria and In App Purchases

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Lost Access to Auria and In App Purchases

Post by jsol » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:28 am


I was an avid user of Auria a for long time since it came out. I'm on the fence of using it again since I don't have access to update the app or restore my lost in app purchases. This happened because I made pretty much all my app purchases through my wife's card using my money and now we are divorced. I contacted Apple and they have no way to retrieve or transfer my purchases from my old account to my current one. I don't mind repurchasing Auria again but I dread repurchasing in app plugins since I bought most of them. I owned a lot of fabfilter and psp plugins. To the developers of Auria, I was wondering if were possible to recover the in app purchases? If this isn't possible I might move to protools but hope there is some type of solution. I feel that I lost a lot of money and pretty upset at Apple on why they can't just recover and transfer my purchases. It's money down the drain. The most frequent apps I used was old timer compressor, vintage warmer, echo, fabfilter Pro Q, Timeless, Pro MB, Pro DS, pro C, Pro L, a few others such as overloud that I never used. :(



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Re: Lost Access to Auria and In App Purchases

Post by Rim » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:23 am

I wish I could help, but in-app purchases are all handled by Apple in the same way as app purchases - they all go through Apple's store approval process when purchasing and restoring (the Auria app asks Apple what to restore when you press that button).


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