How to use IAA for Audio recording...

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How to use IAA for Audio recording...

Post by Trash » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:05 am

I'm asking this here because I am not sure if it is a bug or something I am doing wrong.

I recently downloaded Synth One (Audiokit's excellent freeware synth - highly recommended if you are into Synths) and would like to use some of the sounds in my pieces.

I assume/assumed this would be possible using Inter App Audio. I haven't used IAA Instruments before so I could be missing something but the steps, according to the manual should be:
- Tap FX button
- Select 'Audiokit Synth One (inst)' from the list of available plugins

According to the manual the following things should happen
1 - The selected Track in Auria should switch to Record
2 - The interface should switch to the Synth One interface
3 - An IAA transport control bar should appear

In my case the Synth one Interface does appear but
1 - The input source stays on Mic (I have a pair of Apple headphones plugged in which also include a mic input) and
2 - The IAA transport bar does not appear

I've added a screenshot of what I am seeing on my iPad (Pro running iOS 12.01)

Can some helpful person please advise me on what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks


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